A CTO with Soul

I am a CTO with Soul. A heart-driven, technology loving futurist, with passion and love for my fellow humans. I believe in an abundant future, one powered by sunshine and abiding in peace. To get us there, I've formed a company, "Solcast", dedicated to solving the challenges of integrating solar energy into our electrical grids. Along the way, I hope to inspire others to embrace themselves, meet with great challenge, and do big things.

solcast's mission

I have passion matched with vision. Expertise married with impact. I've dedicated my life's work, both in academia and in business, to smoothing the integration of solar energy technology into electricity networks, and raising the allowable levels of solar in our electricity grid.

A global solar api

You can't solve big problems like world-wide solar PV integration, without direct, substantive action. That's where Solcast's global solar forecasting API comes in. Generate a radiation or PV system power output forecast, anywhere, anytime. Check it out!

CTO's Blog

My thoughts, experiences and advice. From the challenges of forming a start-up company, through to the current state of solar tech, and onward into big, bold thinking. I aim to inspire, explain, and dream, in an open, honest way.  Some entries are also cross-posted to solcast.com.au