All About Solcast

An exciting new endeavour, which marries my industry driven academic research with direct pathways to impact. Solcast is delivering operationalisation of my distributed solar and radiation modelling research, and challenging me to continually build, measure, learn and pivot my way through the rapidly evolving electricity sector landscape.

What is Solcast?

Solcast is a solar forecasting and modelling company based in Canberra, Australia. I'm the co-founder and CTO of the company, which is based at the Renewables Innovation Hub.

Solcast blends a wide variety of data sources, such as satellites, numerical weather models and PV system monitoring feeds to produce high resolution predictions of solar radiation and solar PV system power output.

Solcast Objectives

I've formed Solcast, out of a sincere desire to meet two key objectives:

  1. To smooth the transition of the electricity sector to high penetrations of solar energy generation
  2. Ultimately, to raise the allowable levels of solar energy technologies in our electricity networks

Meeting the Objectives

Solcast works as an interface between University research and industry applications. Through commercialisation of the R&D outcomes of my research team at The Australian National University, Solcast is deploying a range of key enabling technologies to electrical grid and market operators. More specifically, Solcast is the commercialisation vehicle for deployment of the ANU developed Regional PV Simulation System

RPSS snapshot, 23 June 2016

RPSS snapshot, 23 June 2016

In particular, SOLCAST focuses on:

Distributed PV modelling for energy market applications

Real-time, operational distributed solar forecasting services for distribution networks

Solar radiation and PV power output forecasting for software developers and energy analysts

Real-time Forecasting of Australian Small-Scale Solar

The graph below displays state-level small-scale solar PV power output forecasts for Australia. At Solcast, we define small-scale solar as any site with less than 30MW of installed capacity. This graph uses Solcast's satellite based estimated actuals API product for historical data, and our satellite and weather model based API forecast product out through 7 days.