[This is an archived page. I am no longer an academic, having chosen an entrepreneurial route as the best path forward to positively impacting our world. I left this content online to inspire others who may come across it]

An Academic with Impact

I am an Academic with Impact. With clear direction, toward real-world outcomes. An atmospheric scientist with an energy meteorology focus.  An enthusiastic lecturer with learning outcomes in mind.  An introspective instigator, with a vision for modern research universities.

If that sounds big, bold and confident, you read it correctly :-)

My three areas of focus:

A satellite enabled simulation of 15,500+ distributed Canberra PV systems through my Regional PV Simulation System software.


My research is dedicated to the rapid, expansive deployment of solar energy technologies. I lead world-class, industry focused research projects with clear commercialisation outcomes, meant to drive University R&D out into the real-world. Solar radiation modelling expertise, operational solar forecasting technologies, energy sector resilience to severe weather through diversification of the grid.

A word-cloud from student evaluation & feedback from my first three years of teaching at the ANU.


I want students to think. Hard. Not just about my research-led teaching efforts, but also about their values, their philosophy and the ethics of responsibility. I establish learning outcomes with an real-world focus, so as to generate ANU alumni with impact, while respecting that each student must learn in their own way, at their own pace. I evoke enthusiam and passion to create exciting, safe learning environments.

What is the future of the world's top-universities? What will they focus on? And will they engage the our biggest challenges?


I envision a future where Universities are networked closely with the innovation industry. One where its students form start-ups, find internships and seek influence, through the drive of their curiosity and passion, not the pull of high marks and endless external validation. This is the university I will work for, one aligned with my personal values, and the mission of the Fenner School.