Solcast API - solar data everywhere you need it

Solar Radiation

The Solcast API Toolkit allows a user to retrieve live, forecast and historical values solar radiation at any location on Earth. This includes the global, direct and diffuse radiation (supported by the Engerer2 separation model).

PV Power output

Solcast provides forecasts of rooftop and utility scale solar PV power output, globally. Share your PV measurement data, and improve the forecasts using quality control & tuning technology I built during my PhD.

Distributed PV

Solcast also models & forecasts the power output of behind-the-meter solar PV for hundreds of thousands to millions of solar energy systems at a time. Check out our Grid Aggregations product to learn more.

Real-time Forecasting of Australian Small-Scale Solar

The graph below displays state-level small-scale solar PV power output forecasts for Australia. At Solcast, we define small-scale solar as any site with less than 30MW of installed capacity. This graph uses Solcast's satellite based estimated actuals API product for historical data, and our satellite and weather model based API forecast product out through 7 days.