Project Proposal: ARENA Industry-Researcher Collaboration 

[September 2015 Update]:

Our Expression of Interest was successful.! We have now been invited to submit a full proposal by 12 October

This 3 year, $4M project, if funded, will be underway from February 2016.

Opportunities for commitment are open through 12 October 2015.

We are currently in the process of securing industry partners for a full application to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency's Industry-Research Collaboration.  This page's primary purpose is to provide information about the project being planned, to seek out potential partners, and to highlight the partnerships already in place.  


PROJECT AIM: SIMULATE EVERY Distributed PV system in Australia in real-time & map it to distribution network infrastructure

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Using technology developed at The ANU, it is now possible to simulate all of the PV systems in a given region, by using a sub-set of monitored PV systems in that network.  Looking forward, combining this method with significant advances in satellite data (Himawari 8) opens up a wide-range of scientific and commercial possibilities.  This project will leverage this data and partnerships with DNSPs, to map real-time distributed PV simulations to distribution networks.  

The overall project goal is to increase the allowable penetrations of distributed PV and energy storage systems.



By providing us detailed information about the 15,500 distributed PV systems on their distribution network, ActewAGL has enabled research at The ANU to create a simulation system which can estimate their collective power output.  By also grouping these PV systems by their distribution assets, the output of these simulations can be expressed in terms of sub-grid connection points.  Now, in November 2015 a beta version of this simulation system will come online, running in real-time, providing them active feedback about their embedded PV generators.

Take a look at an example of what this system is capable of, from a high-variability day with multiple major ramp events.  This simulation highlights three sub-grid nodes in Monash, Belconnen and Downer.

The proposed project aims to replicate this system for all of its DNSP partners, providing real-time, actionable information tailored to their operating systems 

[DNSPs Click Here For More Info]


SeVERAL KEY Partners Already Committed

Several major commitments from Industry partners have already been made, including cash contributions and in-kind commitments of data and support personnel. Partners include:

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Negotiations to bring several major inverter companies on board are underway

One of the major needs for this project is a source of real-time PV power output data with a robust and reliable data-stream.  Partnerships with inverter companies are going to meet this need. 

Contact: Nicholas Engerer,, 02 6125 1658

Archived Info:

[May 2015] Why don't you start by downloading the project brief?

[May 2015] You can also download the ARENA webinar here