Food: The World is What We Eat

I have a longstanding obsession with healthy eating.  And I mean that in two ways:

 One, I want to eat in way that keeps my mind clear and my body vibrant.  

Two, I don't want that diet to come at the detriment of the environment or the suffering of anyone or anything.

 I'm going to use the page to, from time to time, talk a bit about my own ideas on Food. Check back soon.


In a former life, I was known as TheFruitMonster - and I ran a webpage named It was dedicated to the fruitarian lifestyle I was living.  

If you've arrived at this page looking for that site, it's all thanks to a fancy page redirect.  I hope to re-post some of the content from that webpage here, for safekeeping in the near future.  

I no longer actively advocate for this diet, but do believe it may work well for some people. So more power to you if you're one of them! 

Why not check out the old videos?