In September 2013, my son was born. Within minutes, of that beautiful event, the doctors in the room had terrible news.  The C-section had revealed that my wife had appendix cancer, a rare form of adenocarcinoma that seeds mucinous tumours throughout the peritoneal cavity.  The result: the need for a 12-hour surgery called a peritonectomy, and follow up chemotherapy, all of which resulted in a wild ride over the 12 months from her diagnosis and recovery. 

During that time, I'd have to go through everything from petitioning parliament to reduce the waitlist for these surgeries, through to creating a website ( to rally financial and emotional support to Teddi's side.  The journey would teach me just how deeply those around me care for one another, as monetary donations, 5k walks and an ocean of supportive messages came flowing into our lives.

Although I've lost the original webpage (thanks GoDaddy!), I have been able to capture the essential webcontent from her webpage: "", which I present here.  I feel that this important to retain on, because this time in my life was so fundamental to everything that I stand for today.  From health & fitness, through to big ideas and passion.  Having my wife nearly die, only to be brought back by a modern medical miracle, was an experience that taught me about what fear really means, and gave me the courage to face life with a new sense of vigor and relentlessness.  Life can be short, don't wait for your moment to seize it to be handed to you, go out there and grab it for yourself.

Below, you can find the blog posts that detail our journey from September 2013 at diagnosis, through to October 2014 when we thought we'd put this behind us.  For more on what's happened from 2016 onwards, you'll have to scroll down to "Part 2" (yes, unfortunately, we're doing this again...)

HEALINGTEDDI Part 2: April 2016 to present

Below are blog entries of "Part 2" on #HealingTeddi.  We've unfortunately experienced a recurrence, and Teddi will require further treatment.  In this blog space, I'm posting information about her health and our experience, to keep you all up to date on the latest.   One of the most challenging things about going through a cancer experience, is handling the voluminous requests for information and updates that head your way. This page is meant to make that all much easier.  

Thank you for your interest and support!

HEALINGTEDDI ROUND 2 BLOG ENTRIES: Archives: September 2013 through October 2014