11/10/2017 - Teddi's Recovery: Day One

Gratefulness Abounds!

Gratefulness Abounds!

"I feel so grateful"

Those were Teddi's words today, in the ICU.  Take that in for a second! A woman with more wired connections and tubes than the internet is feeling upbeat about life. Wow.  Well, what can I say? It was a good day!

I am totally exhausted after spending 9 hours in the ICU today, but write to you with an energized spirit.  Because, Teddi is doing very well with her recovery already. She remains alert, engaged and in good spirits. Her pain is well under control, she does not have nausea and is happily eating away at ice chips (we had to wait until week 3 for that last time!).  One nurse commented that she was doing 'awesome' for being only one day out from peritonectomy. Heck yeah! That's what we like to hear!

And that's not even the best part. Today, Prof. Morris used the word "cured" in describing their treatment of the disease.  That's right CURED.  Meaning that their team of experts is very confident they've seen the end of this. While there are no guarantees in lifewe could not ask for better news than that! They only found a few spots of additional disease in Teddi's pelvis, on her stomach and diaphragm, and were able to remove it all. No disease remains, and with the 5 days of follow-up chemo (nuke the bastards!), we've seen the end of this thing. 

That's exactly what we wanted. A little bit of #HealingTeddi  - it just took a bit more work than we first expected! 

I'll be back with some more specifics with tomorrow's post - I'm beat (just like Teddi's cancer- oh snap!).