12/10/2017 - Teddi's Recovery: Day Two

The more of these we lose, the closer Teddi is to coming home!

The more of these we lose, the closer Teddi is to coming home!

More good news peeps - Teddi is down one more wired connection (each one is a step in the right direction!) and has been moved out of the ICU (1 nurse/patient) to the ICU2/HDU (1 nurse/two patients).  It is much quieter there, so we hope she'll get some sleep! She was a bit exhausted yesterday, but remains strong and upbeat, remarking on how much better she feels than she expected.

Yesterday, we had to skip a chemo treatment due to low blood count, but they will likely try again today (nuke the bastards!). This will be post surgery chemo treatment 2 of 5 - and will kill off any remaining tumour cells. 

Teddi's been able to get her phone back, so send her some LOVE - audio & video messages are best (but don't expect any replies or phone calls just yet! And try to make your message free of any questions that she has to reply to - send questions to me!).  This also means she can access entertainment and some distraction from the discomfort - hooray!  We've had a stack of folks offer external hard-drives full of media options - thanks heaps for your help

Her pain remains well controlled, and is most intense in her left diaphragm region, where they scraped away scarring/tumour.  She'll keep the epidural for a few more days, but then will transition to other pain management options - this could be a rough transition, so I'll be sure to stay on-top of the doctors.

On the topic of pain and comfort - she'll start reflexology massages today, which made a huge difference for her recovery and comfort last time. A GIANT thank-you to the close family friends who have donated some funds for these massages - you have made a tangible difference for Teddi during this difficult time!