29/9/2017 - After a year of uncertainty, surgery is now certain

#HealingTeddi Round 2


Over the past 12-14 months, Teddi's treatment team in Sydney, have been monitoring Teddi's condition closely.  In September 2016, after the poor scan results, delivered in April 2016, we thought we were only a few weeks from surgery.  But a brutal flu season struck NSW and overwhelmed the ICU, pushing the surgery back a few weeks. So we decided to have another CT scan to follow-up.

Interestingly, that scan revealed that the localised tumour recurrence had actually gotten smaller.  This was unexpected, and led to our decision to watch and wait and see what happened.  Given the invasive surgical procedure, big recovery times and the localised nature of the disease, this was a smart move.

However, we've moved past that watch & wait stage. The latest results are definitive, showing clearly that Teddi needs to have another peritonectomy in order to halt the progression of the disease. Thankfully, the indications from the treatment team are that this next surgery and follow-up chemotherapy could be the end of it!

It is simply exceptionally difficult to get every single pseudomyxoma cell in the first go. There are tens of thousands to millions of sites where the tumours have attached to internal organs/peritoneum.  Last time, we clearly got 99% of them - but not all of the bastards.  3.5 years later, there will be far fewer to deal with, and with them removed, we have great hopes of Teddi having a long happy life, cancer free far into the future!

At this stage, we expect that we will have a surgery date for Teddi in mid-October. This is progressing quickly, from a period of relative inactivity.  From here on out, I will use this blog to keep you informed. 

If you want to have a better understanding of this disease and context for our story, be sure to read up on part 1 of this journey. I think you'll be impressed with just how tough Teddi is - she'll be back on the mend in no time at all. (Look where she was 3 months post surgery last time!)