01/04/2014: Teddi's Recovery: Days 5 & 6

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I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 1 April 2014

Teddi’s Recovery: Days 5 & 6


I am pleased to let you know that Teddi has made a huge turn-around today (Day 6). She is doing so much better, she even told a joke! She has now walked twice – once for about 4m on Day 5. And then today – she walked around the whole HDU block! Chemo and lung ports, IV drips and medication pumps and all – what a woman! Today has been a great day!

And it gets even better! Not only is Teddi on her last chemo treatment (infusing it right now), her histopathology came back with excellent results – all of the tumour material tested is low grade material. This is fantastic news.

In fact, with this pathology result and when the most recent research is consulted, Teddi’s long term survival looks great and her recurrence risk is as low as it can be. Professor Morris says “We don’t make promises, but after the cytoreductive surgery, HIPEC and EPIC with favourable pathology – that’s as good as it gets”. I’m feeling quite encouraged!

Teddi’s spirits are quite good and she is set to be out of the HDU in the next few days. She will then move to a hospital ward where she will finish off the rest of her time in hospital. About 1-2 more weeks.

I’m also conjuring up some surprises for Teddi to make being bed-bound suck a little less. I’ve located a holistic healing centre who will come in and give Teddi massages for $75/hr. So if you’ve been looking for something nice to give to Teddi that would really make a difference – why not donate part of a massage session? I’ve added a way to do this via the GIVE page. My family has already signed up to give the first one!

Bye for now! We are ever closing to #HEALingTeddi!