12/04/2014: Teddi’s Recovery: Day Seventeen

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I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 12 April 2014

Teddi’s Recovery: Day Seventeen

Yes, you all read that ridiculous number right. Seventeen days of recovery and eighteen days in hospital. You can see now why it is said that a peritonectomy is arguably the most demanding surgical procedure one can go through!

Over the past several days, Teddi has been on a rough ride. Her bowels were taking an unusually long time to re-start (they go to sleep after the intensive surgery and chemo). She is also running a fever, up to 38.9C/102.2F for an unknown reason, ongoing for the last week. And was growing weary of having no food or liquids (other than 30ml of ice chips/hour) for the past 17 days. She’s been full of uncomfortable tubes and holes, subjected to two CT scans with all that oh-so-yummy liquid contrast to drink, untold number of chest x-rays after two collapsed lungs and poked an prodded with all sorts of various needles/cannulas/tubes/syringes.

But today, things are looking up! “Today is a great day,” Teddi has just told me. Why? Well for one, she was told this morning that her nasal-gastric tube – the one that goes up her nose and into her stomach and has to be ‘aspirated’ (e.g. all the stomach contents (bile) pumped out) every few hours, the tube that has irritated her throat making it painful to talk, swallow, and turn her head – is gone! Hooray! Teddi says having this tube out is life changing! Now she can return to blowing her nose and Wyatt can actually come into close proximity to her with his hands unrestricted (little man loved to try to grab that thing).

And secondly, Teddi had her last drain removed from her abdomen! It was NOT a fun experience, but that leaves her with only the ‘picc’ line that is delivering her medicine, pain meds and liquid nutrition straight into her heart through her arm. But that could come out as soon as tomorrow! She may be disconnected from all forms of machinery!

Lastly, she was able to drink liquids today! She’s downed ice cold apple juice, some tea and bit of lemonade (errrrmm…’Sprite/7Up’ for all you Americans back home). She’s also allowed to drink ice water freely. Her bowel motions have started back up and things are moving along in her intestinal tract. A BIG improvement.

So the difference between yesterday and today is amazing. She feels like a whole new woman and is really feeling quite encouraged. Which is great, we both needed that! She says with that tube out of her throat she can take on anything!

A big thanks to Kate Reed, Celia Jones and Sara Sanders for the reflexology massages that Teddi received this week! We both believe they have helped get her body jump started!

More soon!