12/10/2014: Archived Front Page from October 2013

Original Post: 6 August 2014

This is the archived version of the frontpage, from October 2013


Teddi Has Cancer.

Appendix cancer to be more specific.  An extremely rare disease that inevitably leads to a very dangerous condition called pseudomyxoma peritonei which is a build up of mucinous tumours in the peritoneal cavity.  I can’t tell you how surreal it feels to type those words into this webpage.

But We Have The Answer

After extensive meditation and thought about how to confront this disease, I have developed a four part mantra of life-saving power, to which I am dedicating my life and hope you will join me in whatever capacity you can:

Love. Heal. Give. Live. 

So that’s what this webpage is all about. How can we, as one big family, give Teddi the LOVE she needs to heal her body and overcome the challenges ahead?  How can those of us who have HEALing talents work together to rid Teddi of her disease?  What can each of you GIVE to help our family through this time? And, most importantly, how can we use this disease to teach us how to LIVE our own lives to the fullest?

Naturally, if you’ve wandered to this website, you probably have many questions –  What is appendix cancer? How deadly is this disease? Will Teddi be okay? How Can I help? Can I learn more about how this unfolded?

Well that’s exactly why I’ve created HealingTeddi.com.

When a loved one has cancer, it can often leave us feeling helpless, while wishing there was something we can do.  This website will give you answers to that question – providing you with something to do about it.  It all comes back to that mantra:  Love. Heal. Give. Live.

So let’s do this people.

A blog is up to document our journey of LIVING a rich life while fighting this disease.  A wiki-page for researching the disease and to discuss how to HEAL her is being built (hopefully with your help).  A support page is under construction where you can send Teddi some LOVE, and a GIVE page which allows us to raise funds for her treatment is available.

Let me be absolutely clear.  I will stop at nothing to heal my wife and give her the best life possible.  She deserves to see her baby boy grow up.  She deserves to see gray hairs and eye wrinkles in the mirror.  I will invest every part of my soul to see that through. Teddi is going to make a full recovery.


Please. Help me help her.

Much Love,