14/10/2013: Sign. Share. #saveNicole #healingteddi

This is an archived post from the webpage "healingteddi.com", which is no longer online. Since the posts have been moved off of the original webpage, some of the links may no longer work.  You can still navigate through the blog through this webpage, by searching through the blog posts.

I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 14 October 2013

Sign. Share. #saveNicole #healingteddi

To all the followers, friends and family visiting HealingTeddi.com, so many of you have asked what you can do to help us in our journey.

I am here to beseech you for your support.  I have a direct, actionable item that you can do in a few clicks.  I need you to sign a petition.

As I said in my previous post, Teddi has to wait 3-6 months for her peritonectomy surgery all because the New South Wales Health Minister Jillian Skinner thinks dollar bills and balancing her budget is more important than funding the life-saving surgery that only one doctor in Australia has the skills to perform.  Dr. David L. Morris, the surgeon who will perform Teddi’s surgery has had the number of them that he is allow to do each month halved because they are deemed too expensive for the NSW government.

Due to this, people are at risk of dying, several people have become inoperable due to the spread of their disease while they wait.  Nicole Perko has become the most recent, prominent example.  Nicole has stomach cancer, was supposed to be treated within one month and now has waited more than three months.

So what happens when Teddi, who needs surgery in the next three months gets pushed back even further?  She could go from ‘curable’ to terminal.  She could lose her life.  Every day that we are forced to wait, more of her internal organs are at risk.  More of her is likely to be infected with the mucinous tumours that pseudomyxoma spread throughout her abdomen.

She’s already lost one and a half ovaries.  She is likely to lose part of her colon, her gallbladder and spleen.

How much more of my wife needs to be chopped out before the NSW Health Minister reinstates the needed funding for these surgeries?

How much longer does Nicole Perko, mother of five have to waste away in front of her children?

Learn more about it at this video and SIGN THIS PETITION.

Help me HEAL Teddi.  Help me make a difference.  Sign it here.

But don’t stop there, send this link to everyone you know.