17/10/2013: We Did It! NSW Health Minister Allows for More Peritonectomy Surgeries!

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I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 17 October 2013

We Did It! NSW Health Minister Allows for More Peritonectomy Surgeries!

Remember my last post, where I asked you all to help make a difference?  Well through your support and the persistence of many people fighting for a change to be made, the NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner has worked out a deal with Dr. David Morris and Prince Wales hospital!  This will allow the backlog of nearly 40 patients to be caught up!

The news has just broken on ABC.

Ms. Skinner and Dr. Morris can be heard discussing the issue here.

Nearly 300 of you responded to my request to sign the Change.org petition and the petition has surged past 75k signatures!

This caught the attention of several high profile people (including actor Russel Crowe) and the Shadow Health Minister Andrew McDonald.  The Shadow Minister called me yesterday to discuss Teddi’s case and for permission to petition Jillian Skinner on our behalf.

In New South Wales Parliament yesterday, there were a few key players who questioned Ms. Skinner very vigorously (a few to the point of nearly being thrown out!  ).  You can read the excerpts at this link (I’ve pulled them out of the larger transript at this link).

From what I can tell, the key players working on our behalf during this session were:

1Mr. John Robertson

2Mr. Nathan Rees

3Ms Linda Burney

4Dr. Andrew McDonald

5Ms Cherie Burton

To each of you, we here at healingteddi.com offer you our deepest gratitude!

Another very important set of people to thank is Sara Bowers, a lawyer and former peritonectomy patient who has organised a petition of more than 15,000 original signatures – enough to force the issue to a floor debate in NSW.  Thank you Sara!  Check out her webpage at:  http://livesatrisk.com.au

Next, we need to Anna Patty, a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald, for calling attention to this issue and being willing to talk to Teddi and I about our own case.

And lastly, thank you so much Ms. Jillian Skinner for hearing our pleas and responding to us!