19/03/2014: Teddi’s Surgery Date Announced: 26 March

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I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 19 March 2014

Teddi’s Surgery Date Announced: 26 March


Warm greetings to all of our awesome supporters and followers!

Today I have some great news:  We have a surgery date set for Teddi!




So after 6 months of anxious anticipation and a bit of rabble-rousing, Teddi will now be receiving the life-saving peritonectomy surgery she needs.  We are so relieved to finally have an end to the uncertainty and confusion of it all.

On March 26th, Teddi will be taken into theatre by Prof. David Morris’ peritonectomy team, where she will undergo a 10-12 hour surgery to remove all traces of cancer from her peritoneal cavity.

This involves an incision from the sternum to pubic bone.  The surgical team will then remove the primary tumour (her appendix) and surrounding omentum.

They will then inspect all of the remaining organs and tissue for any evidence of tumour material.  Any that is found will be removed, leaving the organ intact if possible.  She is at risk of losing her gallbladder, spleen, remaining ovary and her uterus.

The nature of the disease is such that it is very hard to identify on CT scans, so we don’t know what to expect.  What we do know is that Dr. Morris believes they can get all of the disease.

After they are confident they’ve removed all the tumour they can, Teddi will be closed up and ports will be installed in her abdomen to allow for the infusion of heated chemotherapy into her peritoneal cavity.  This will last for 1-2 hours, and be done in order to kill all the remaining cancer cells.  She’ll then receive cool chemotherapy for the first five days following the surgery.

With the heated chemo treatment complete, Teddi will then be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for 24-48 hours.  I am very much hoping to go visit her at this time as I will be desperate to tell her how much I love her, even if she won’t remember it!

After her time in the ICU, she’ll move to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) where she’ll remain until she’s clearly on the mend.  Then we’ll actually move to another building for a minimum of 1-2 weeks stay.

oh boy… here we go

oh boy… here we go

The length of her recovery after the surgery is highly dependent on the involvement of her intestines – if they have to resect them, she’ll have a longer recovery period.  So let’s hope and pray for the best on that front!

I will inform all of you via this webpage of the exact surgery time, as I am hoping many of you will mark that time period with prayer/positive energy.  I am specifically, hoping for you all to pray for her to feel calm and confident during the scary days ahead.

I will also be in touch regarding things you can do to help, where to send cards etc in the coming days.


For now, let’s all celebrate in our hearts that this day has arrived.

Pretty soon, we will have eradicated all of the cancer from Teddi’s body and will be on our road to #HEALing Teddi

Much Love to You All