19/10/2013: The First Two Weeks of #HealingTeddi

This is an archived post from the webpage "healingteddi.com", which is no longer online. Since the posts have been moved off of the original webpage, some of the links may no longer work.  You can still navigate through the blog through this webpage, by searching through the blog posts.

I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 19 October 2013

The First Two Weeks of #HealingTeddi

HealingTeddi.com has now been live for two weeks as of today!  And what a ride it has already been!

Thanks to all of YOU, Teddi’s cancer diagnosis, at first a tremendous horror,  has become an amazing period in both of our lives.  We feel so bountifully blessed to have the support of so many amazing people!

Teddi has felt more LOVE than she ever could have expected.  Each morning, we read at least one LOVE item that was sent our way (email, card, Facebook comment) and they really mean SO MUCH to her.  You have been great so far in lifting her spirits – showing her the LOVE I have asked you to (Psssst, have you signed up for the LOVE calendar – it’s looking pretty empty  ).  I truly believe this is one of the most potent HEALing medicines we can give her – please KEEP IT COMING! (need an idea?)


Together, we have left more than 100 comments on this webpage and sent us nearly 75 emails of LOVE and support.


Together, we helped overturn a poor Healthcare policy in New South Wales, Australia that would have left Teddi waiting too long for her surgery - now we can HEAL her with the miracles of modern medicine.


Together, you have GIVEn over $10k to help cover the mountain of medical expenses that we are already accumulating.


Together, we have been able to inspire Teddi to LIVE each day knowing that she is surrounded by a bigger family than she could have ever imagined.  You have no idea how badly she needed that.

Moving forward, together, I know we will all continue the amazing work we have already started, so that we can HEAL Teddi!  #healingteddi

Your support is absolutely invaluable and is actively re-shaping my view of humanity. Inspiring in me a true realization of what we are collectively capable of.

Blessings to each and everyone one of you