26/03/2014: Teddi's Surgery: As it Happens

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I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 26 March 2014

Teddi’s Surgery: As it Happens

Hello everyone. The day has arrived!

I will use this post to give you the “play by play”. Updating it as the day goes by.

7:30AM – Teddi is prepped for surgery, looking hot in her compression stocking and gown. We are waiting for a pre-surgery visit from Dr. Morris.

7:50AM – Dr. Morris visits us. He is calm and confident. He has a team of ~10 people with him.

8:00AM – Teddi is wheeled off for theatre. Wyatt and I kiss her goodbye. Seeing her round the corner out of my sight breaks my heart, but I stay strong for her.

8:10AM – Wyatt and I get back to the car. I sob my eyes out, letting all the angst go. I now feel calm and centered. Off to get brekkie with Wyatt.

9:40AM – A call from the peritonectomy nurse, Helen.  Teddi has been opened up and there is significant amounts of disease present.  When Teddi first met with Dr. Morris, he estimated a PCI (Peritoneal Cancer Index) score of 9.  After exposing Teddi’s abdomen, she has a PCI score of 24 (out of a maximum of 39 - read more here).  Not the best news.  Keep the prayers coming.  Looks like we’re in for a long day.

11:15AM – I’m overcome with an unsettled feeling.  Many thanks to Sara Sanders for talking me through it.

1:00PM – Wyatt and I go on a walk to work off some nervous energy.

2:00PM – Walk helps us, but still nervous, so I call into the Hospital, but can’t get any further updates at this time.

3:40PM MAJOR UPDATE:  The phone call I’ve been waiting for all day has finally come.  Professor (Dr.) Morris and I just spoke on the phone.  First off – Teddi is being closed up now. She is OK! Praise the Lord/Thank the Universe/Amitoufuo!

She had more disease than they thought, with excessive disease in her pelvis and upper abdomen.  As a consequence her gallbladder and spleen had to be removed (this is not a surprise, we expected this could happen).  She had the right half of her colon removed (hemicolectomy), which is unfortunate, but will not greatly affect her quality of life.

And the best news of all:  Teddi did not lose her uterus or her left ovary!  HOORAY! *does and ecstatic but quiet jumping around the room (Wyatt is sleeping, after all)*.

Dr. Morris is still very confident that her long term survival is very good.  All of the tumour material looked to be pseudomyxoma, as expected, which is great news.

She is likely to be on a breathing machine overnight.  They will now do the hot chemotherapy (HIPEC), which lasts for 1-2 hours.  Then I should be able to see my sweet, amazingly strong, beautiful wonder wife.  I will update you then!

*HUGE sigh of relief*

5:15PM – Teddi’s surgery and heated chemotherapy is complete.  She is doing well (all things considered) and traveling to the ICU in the next 15 minutes.  I should be able to go visit her in an hour or so.  But that’s it. Her surgery is complete! A total of 9 hours – what a marathon.  But she made it!