27/01/2014: The #HealingTeddi 5k Charity Walk/Run – 2 February 2014

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I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 27 January 2014

The #HealingTeddi 5k Charity Walk/Run – 2 February 2014


If you’re ready to show your support for Teddi – here’s your chance!

9AM Sunday 2 February 2014 – 5K Charity Walk/Run

This coming Sunday, 2 February 2014, there will be a Bridge-to-Bridge 5K walk/run to support Teddi in her battle with #cancer and raise awareness about this rare and complicated disease. For those of you unfamiliar with Canberra, this involves a circuit around Lake Burley Griffin between the Commonwealth and Kings Avenue Bridges.  It starts at the “The Flags” on Queen Elizabeth Terrace and takes you on an awesome, scenic route around the lake.

At 9AM this coming Sunday (2 February 2014), we’ll meet there to complete a 5 kilometre walk/run around this circuit as a show of #HEALing #LOVE and support for Teddi.  All while promoting exercise and healthy #LIVE-ing – something Teddi has always believed in.

This event has been organised by a great guy from an American Football team (Gridiron as they call it Down Under) called the Centurions, and they have opened registration for the event on their webpage at www.centurionsgridiron.com

It’s $20 to register and participate in this event, with all proceeds going to the #HealingTeddi cause!  (an alternate donation link is available here).  And it is a cause of great importance, one that is more than just about Teddi, Wyatt and I.

This is a cause of great importance, one that is more than just about Teddi

What do I mean by that?  Well, I’ve talked briefly about this issue before on this webpage and will continue to step up the rhetoric in the near future.  As you may be aware, the complicated, highly skills intensive peritonectomy surgery that Teddi needs has become a focal point for some vigorous discussion in Australia over the past several months.  With some healthy debate at various political levels and in the media.  And it is a conversation that we cannot afford to let go silent.

There is a campaign underway through an inspiring woman named Sara Bowers, who is a disease survivor and former peritonectomy patient to petition and demand the Federal and State parliaments in Australia do more to provide adequate treatment for people suffering from diseases that require peritonectomy surgeries.  She’s gathered over 15k original signatures so far and is focusing on getting us a federally funded, national peritonectomy centre to deal with this disease.

Why all the fuss?  At this time, all people who need this disease are wait-listed and forced to undergo great uncertainty on when they will get the life saving treatment they need. It’s a real tragedy that such an advanced, wealthy country is in this situation – with new people joining this uncertainty every day.

There is another wonderful soul named Stacey Jaundrell who has set up her own webpage at www.helpsaveaustralianlives.com to tell the story of her own fight, as well as many others.  She has the unfortunate problem of living outside of New South Wales – which means she cannot go to Sydney for treatment from the world renowned expert in this surgery – Dr. David Morris.  This is crazy!  And of course, we know the success story of Nicole Perko and the #saveNicole campaign from a few months ago – she has recently had her surgery and is now an advocate for of the rest of us facing pseudomyxoma pertionei and appendiceal cancer.

Teddi continues to wait anxiously to hear back on her own surgery date

So, as Teddi continues to wait anxiously to hear back on her own surgery date, we are quickly becoming another family in a long line of Australian residents to undergo the stress and frustration of being on the ‘wait-list’.  It’s a situation that doesn’t have to stay this way – all we need is enough awareness and political pressure to make some changes to the way things work.

What can you do?

Attend the 5K and bring your friends!!

If you haven’t yet signed these petitions, please do so:



I’ll be back soon with more on this front.  I‘m speaking at the Canberra Rotary club later this week on this topic and will upload what I present on this webpage.  I am going to record some more youtube videos and will be trying to get the local media to cover this 5k event.  So please help make it a big success!

See you there!