27/03/2014: Teddi's Recovery: Day One

Original Post: 27 March 2014

Teddi’s Recovery: Day One

 I have been able to visit very briefly with Teddi just now (8:45AM). At 10AM we will return for visiting hours. She was very alert and couldn’t wait to give Wyatt a big kiss! She was happy to see us, and we were able to drop off some contraband (iPad, iPhone) and give her poor chapped lips some chapstick!

12:00PM – Just back from a visit with Teddi.  She had good energy and was wide awake.  She struggled a bit with pain last night, and currently with a bit of nausea – so send prayers of comfort to her.  I read her many of your loving messages/emails and they lifted her spirits.  They are prepping her for her second chemo treatment now, which will happen this afternoon.  As will her first steps/sitting up with the physical therapist later this arvo.  I will visit her again after 4PM and update you then.

2:00PM – Teddi will spend another day in the ICU, as her blood is not clotting well enough for the next round of chemo to start.  So cool chemo starts tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing her at 4PM!

6:00PM – Teddi is even more awake (well right now she is passed out) than before and totally cognizant of what’s going on. She is talking but her voice is weak and her throat dries out. She has a “pain button” at her disposal that is really helping and she has some drugs to help with the nausea. She also has a breathing exercise machine now to practice building up her lung/diaphragm strength. All is good on her road to recovery and she is is likely to be out of the ICU tomorrow. Wyatt is not at all bothered by seeing his mommy hooked up to machines – in fact he wants to grab just about every line/tube/wire and put it into his mouth

That’s all for now – not much else to report.

Much Love,