29/04/2014: And 5 Weeks Later: We’re Home

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I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post: 29 April 2014

And 5 Weeks Later: We’re Home

Wow.  What a journey.  I’m not gonna lie, it was really, REALLY tough.  But WE (all of us together ) did it – we’ve made it home!  We’ve made a HUGE step forward in the process of #HEALing Teddi.  We’re back in Canberra.  Back in our house, our kitchen, our bed and our comforts.  It is here that Teddi will heal best!  So we are so thankful to finally be here.

I realise that last I wrote, Teddi was re-admitted to hospital.  Thankfully, all the tests cleared her from needing any further surgery.  One of the tests, a barium swallow x-ray test, was able to show there was no reason for a surgery, while simultaneously giving Teddi’s digesting the kick-start it needed.  She’s on the mend now!  She’s eating more normal food each day.  We’re moving from soups to solid foods, and letting Teddi eat anything that sounds good to her.  Her appetite is back, so it’s all looking really positive!

Teddi’s surgical scars are healing up really well, with the exception of one of the chest drains needing some additional follow up.  Internally, she’s getting used to a whole new process of digesting food, with her stomach flopping every which way!  I guess losing a gallbladder and 1/3 of your colon is a bit of a shock to the whole eating thing – but Teddi is doing great with it.

Each day, Teddi gets a bit stronger.  She remains too week to do much more than a big walk and a few simple exercises, and she’s not able to pick up Wyatt yet – so I remain on full-time daddy duty.  Speaking of which, I’m going to need some help from our supporters with caring for Wyatt over the next few weeks, as I need to return to work (that’ll be my next post).

For now, let us leave you with a sense of encouragement:  the toughest of this is behind us! Teddi’s surgery and pathology results tell us she has the best long-term disease free survival chances she could possibly have.  She’s been able to keep her uterus and part of her left ovary, most of her digestive system remains intact and she is in good spirits about it all.

Teddi, 4 weeks post surgery, at the top of the Sydney Opera House stairs!

Teddi, 4 weeks post surgery, at the top of the Sydney Opera House stairs!


So, at this stage, I’m claiming victory for all of us, over the hardest part of all of this.  She hasn’t been officially declared ‘in remission’ as of yet, we have a three month follow up in July with Prof. Morris, but we’re feeling great about it all.

So once again, my deepest thanks to all of you!  I’ll continue to keep you up to date on her recovery and how you can continue to help out!

Soon we’ll have Teddi back to her vibrant, healthy self!