29/06/2014: 3 Month Post-Surgery Update

This is an archived post from the webpage "healingteddi.com", which is no longer online. Since the posts have been moved off of the original webpage, some of the links may no longer work.  You can still navigate through the blog through this webpage, by searching through the blog posts.

I hope these entries can continue to encourage those facing appendix cancer

Original Post 29 June 2014

3 Month Post-Surgery Update

Good Morning Everyone!

Winter is in full swing here in Canberra, with the trees bare, the winds howling and snow on the mountain ranges.  And though its cold and frosty outside, we have reason to feel warm of heart and greatly encouraged today, because we’ve just passed the three-month mark in Teddi’s recovery and she’s doing AMAZING.

The past three months were insane.  There’s no doubt it was the most challenging thing we’ve ever had to do, but we’re on the other side of it now and every day, Teddi’s a bit stronger.

We’ve been home for close to two months, and in that time, a lot has happened.  In that time, Teddi has:

  1. Gotten back to eating whatever she wants!
  2. Become strong enough to pick up Wyatt
  3. Has enough energy to watch him all day – letting me get back to work
  4. Started working out twice a week
  5. Done many walks and hikes with me and Wyatt – some up to 10k and others up a few hundred meters of elevation gain!
  6. Returned to work at two days a week

In, summary, she’s been nothing short of amazing in her recovery.  She had a rough time in hospital with post-surgery complications, but she has done VERY well since we’ve come home.

All of this is an amazing feat, considering that just three months ago she had a surgery that opened her sternum to pubis and removed cancer that had spread all the way from her lower pelvis to her heart!  What Professor Morris’ team at St. George Hospital did to her is nothing short of amazing.

We have some follow-up scans and blood work coming up soon, along with a follow up visit with Prof. Morris in Sydney.  Once we’ve done all that – I’m hoping to change the “Teddi has Cancer” on the front page of this site to “Teddi HAD Cancer”.  We’ll have officially beaten this thing – what an amazing milestone that will be.

For now, consider yourselves updated!  And for all of you who have helped us along the way – it’s just starting to really sink in how amazing all of you were.  We intend to follow up each of you with our thanks – in the meantime, know that our gratitude for you is profound!

Take care everyone,