[This is an archived page. I am no longer an academic, having chosen an entrepreneurial route as the best path forward to positively impacting our world. I left this content online to inspire others who may come across it]

Teaching & Coursework

I have the great privilege of holding a lecturing position in the Fenner School of Environment & Society.  In this role, I currently convene two courses, and lecture into several more. My major involvements are:


EMSC1006: the blue Planet

Co-convenor, 2014-2016, Lecturer 2017

The Earth is an amazing network of integrated systems: geological, oceanographic, meteorological, the cryosphere. Learning about each of these sciences allows students to understand their interconnections and realise the Earth for what she is - our amazing Blue Planet! A particular focus is placed on the Anthropocene. I lecture into the solar radiation and energy portions of the course.


ENVS2004: Weather, Climate and Fire

Convenor, 2013-2016, Lecturer 2017

Weather, Climate and Fire is designed to give students a solid understanding of meteorology, climatology and bushfires.  In a continent prone to extended droughts, vulnerable to high-based, low precipitation thunderstorms, and full of highly flammable vegetation - Australia’s economy and the lives of its citizens are heavily influenced by the intersection of these three categories. Herein, I lecture on meteorology.


ENVS3011: Severe weather

A new course I developed, Convenor 2017

This course instructs students on the fundamentals of a wide variety of severe weather events, and provides them with the tools required to analyse these events, in order to complete a risk assessment to an industry stakeholder. Students learn to interact with these stakeholders in a professional way, assess their risk to severe weather events, and ultimately, to deliver valuable information to potential employers!