ENVS 2004: Weather, Climate and Fire

With second semester approaching quickly, it's time for me to start advertising how awesome ENVS 2004: Weather, Climate and Fire is going to be this year.  So if you're thinking about taking the course - why not read on?  By the end of it, I'll ensure you'll be enrolling for what will surely be a fun semester.  Let's get straight into it:

Why should you take Weather, Climate and Fire?

1. This year, ENVS 2004 is getting a makeover.  Students can expect to get hands-on in analysing meteorology, forecasting bushfire risk and describing climate-fire connections.

Never mind talking about the weather - let's talk about why the weather happens!  From the start, this course will be about critical thinking on why the atmosphere does what it does.  We'll connect the dots on climate events such as El Ninos and the associated increased fire risk, while delving into the weather events that intensify/weaken fires. 

2. You won't just look at powerpoint lectures, you'll be doing it yourself

My get-your-hands-dirty practicals will teach you how to analyse weather events, develop your own indices for fire risk and even learn to forecast tomorrow's weather conditions.  I don't want you to step through exercises just to get them done - I want you to walk away knowing exactly what you learned.

3.  My exams will require you to think, analyse and respond - not memorise facts.

Who needs to remember individual pieces of information when you have Google?  What this world needs is young people who can think hard, work together and solve problems .  That's what you can expect from the course assessment in ENVS 2004.  And most importantly, I'll help teach you to think like a 'thinker' that can solve such problems.

4. You'll never think of 'the weather' the same way again - you'll walk outside and know why it's windy/cold/hot/raining = real world skills!

I know why you came to University - to get a fun, interesting and well paid job to start off a life that you'll love (and probably to have a lot of fun too :-) ).  In this course, we'll focus on practical skills - how do you explain what's happening outside?  Is your auntie's house safe from an approaching bushfire? Will this coming summer be hot and dry?  You'll surprise yourself with what you're capable of.

5.  I see my students for what they are:  incredibly capable, eager to learn and in need of an engaging environment

Weather, Climate and Fire will challenge you, because I will demand you turn your brain on.  I've a strong teaching philosophy that recognises how capable each of you are, which is a fresh perspective that you will benefit a lot from. 

So if you're ready for a challenging, exciting and FUN learning experience.  Enrol in ENVS 2004 today! You can download a draft of the course schedule here.

Find more about the course, including timetable information and how to enrol at: