Hey there! I’m Nick, and I am so glad you found my website.

Fitness Enthusiast. Minimalist. Longevity Junkie. Borderline Buddhist. Entrepreneur. Recovering Academic. Husband. Father. Brother. Friend. Ex-pat Yankee living in Australia.

Photo: 33rd Birthday 6K Walk/Run

This webpage has three avenues of exploration. Some of the basics about my role as CTO of a solar tech company. My own deep dive into human longevity & rejuvenation technologies. And finally a more personal touch! Have a wander through! And be sure to get in touch if anything here resonates with you.



I co-founded a global solar data services company with technology built during my PhD. Read on to learn more about this venture, and my team’s efforts to build the solar powered future.

Human LongevITY

I am fascinated by the coming step-change in human lifespan, and am intrigued by how it will transform our world. My thoughts & personal… let’s call it ‘biohacking’ journey

A journey of self discovery

Reflections, personal stories, anecdotes. My experiences in minimalism & the tiny-home life. Includes a blog from our family journey through appendix cancer.


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Bodhisattvas who practice the Insight that brings us to the Other Shore, see no more obstacles in their mind. And because there are no more obstacles in their mind, they can overcome all fear, destroy all wrong perceptions and realise perfect Nirvana
— The Heart Sutra