Medical Visit

My Human Longevity Inc Health Nucleus Visit

In this short 5-minute video, I share my personal thoughts on the future of healthcare, and why it is proactive. The technologies to prevent disease are at your disposal, will you choose to access them?

The Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare is proactive & preventative! Today, we have all of the medical technology required to detect and treat the most common life-threatening diseases, provided that we can detect them early on.  This includes common killers such as cardiovascular disease (heart-attack, stroke, thrombosis), the chronic illnesses of metabolic disease (diabetes) and, of course, most cancers.  Even early detection of diseases of the brain (alzheimer's or parkinson’s) can result in extended healthspan, and slow the rate of disease progression (although a cure for these maladies will likely require changing the ageing process itself!)

In my late 20s, I had three people quite close to me, also in their late 20s, be diagnosed with cancer. In fact, one of them, was my own wife (appendix cancer)! Another had stage III colon cancer. The third, stage IV testicular cancer that nearly took his life.

This collection of experiences impacted me in many ways. None more than the experiences of my own wife & family, as we navigated the complex and often frightening world of responsive cancer treatments. Treatments that came well after the onset of the disease, and in her case, the loss of many organs due to the spread of the cancer. Beyond the initial reactions of fear, of asking why, settled in deeper thoughts on the nature of how we detect and treat these diseases.

Is it Time for Healthcare to Catch Up with the 21st Century?

I consider myself to be a futurist, in that I believe it is quite evident that technology is rapidly solving our societal problems. While not perfect, and often full of new problems (growing pains?) of their own, technologies are being developed and deployed at an increasing pace. Some, including myself, observe this trend to be exponential in nature, particularly in technologies which are directly coupled with progress in computing capabilities (processing power, network communication speeds, memory availability).

Given this observation of the increasingly rapid advancement of technologies, I came to question whether or not these changes were entering our healthcare system. From our personal experience in the healthcare system, such changes were not immediately evident. Sure, the surgical teams and oncologists who treated my friends and family have made great strides in responsive medicine - each of my three friends is alive and well today because of this progress!

However, my research revealed that all of the technologies required to detect the occurrence of cancer each of my friends at a much earlier stage exists NOW. And that, it is not a technological limitation that prevents our access to these technologies, but instead one based on 1) knowledge of alternatives, 2) financial means to access them, and 3) the personal impetus to demand access to them.

What will follow in the entries on this ‘longevity blog’ is my personal foray into these three bullet points of proactive healthcare. And as the first entry, my experience at the Health Nucleus will form the foundation of my effort to help YOU and those you love, become knowledgeable, and encourage you to accept nothing less than access to the best technology can offer. After all, your life many depend on it.

Enter the Health Nucleus

Full Body 3D MRI - on the cutting edge of proactive healthcare

Thankfully, many forward thinking technologists, scientists and medical professionals have already begun to create a healthcare system worthy of the 21st Century. Enter - Human Longevity Inc.’s “Health Nucleus” which is dedicated to providing affordable access to the technologies required to detect and prevent diseases of all forms.

Based in San Diego, California, I was able to visit the Health Nucleus in May 2018 during a work-related trip for my company Solcast (I am currently working on saving the world here, so yes it did take me awhile to post this blog! 😂). As a part of my proactive treatment at the Health Nucleus, I completed:

  • a 3D body MRI (pictured)

  • full genomic sequencing

  • a cardiac health assessment

  • a wide-reaching blood panel

  • microbiome sequencing (💩)

  • wore a high-res heart-rate monitor for two weeks

All along the way, I was treated by highly professional staff, and had very close contact with a dedicated doctor, who dug deeply into my results and provided me with several online video consultations. What followed on from this visit was a complete transformation in my approach to my own health and wellness. From the way I eat, to my exercise routine, the supplements I take, and through to how I interact with my own GP doctor back at home in Australia.

There is far too much to cover in a single blog post, so consider this a solid kick-off for this new category of content on I’ve created a new mailing list for those interested in more content like this one, as we all strive to extend our healthspan and take advantage of all of the exciting developments in wellness technologies. Thanks for reading, and please subscribe below!