Fixing a Kindle Keyboard D00901

So I love to tinker with all forms of gadgetry

I'm reserving the right to post just about anything in my personal blog - even fix it guides.  There's plenty of material for most things out there, but every once in awhile I come across a project in my life that the internet could benefit from.  Today, I bring you:

How to fix a Kindle Keyboard D0901 that won't turn on

Now, if you search the internet for a solution, you're likely to find some version of the following:  "Hold the power button in the 'on' position for XX seconds and release".  But if this doesn't work for you, you'll quickly grow sick of reading as you thoroughly you Google for another answer!

Well guess what, Nick's blog FTW because here is your solution:  If you remove the back cover of the Kindle there is a pair of terminals labeled RESET - if you complete the circuit between them, you'll perform a hard reset and your Kindle might just start up again!

A word of caution: this probably voids your warranty, you'll lose all the data on your Kindle and you risk breaking something - but it's better than using your Kindle as a frisbee (that's all mine was good for before I tried this!).

Instructions (with a few photos)

Spudge bar

Spudge bar

Remove the rear Kindle cover with a small screwdriver/spudge bar/thin object (e.g. guitar pick/credit card/etc).  

It's just some tabs holding it in place, so it's easy if you're careful.

Side tabs to pop out

Side tabs to pop out

Bottom tabs to pop out

Bottom tabs to pop out

Cover removed via carefully prying around the edges with spudge bar

Cover removed via carefully prying around the edges with spudge bar

Locate the RESET label just above the power switch

kindle keyboard reset d00901

Cross the terminals with a conductive object (small screwdriver worked great)

kindle keyboard D00901 reset

Whiz-bang-boom!  If you're a lucky amateur repairman, your Kindle will start if you hit the power switch.

I hope this helps you out! It made my day to have my Kindle back!

Mad Nerd Love,